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the new generation of NFTs.

Welcome to LostInSpace! An NFT-based ecosystem will be launched on Elrond Network. Our purpose is to generate joy & revenue for our holders

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Rewards For Holders

Rewards For Holders

Every LostInSpace NFT holder will be rewarded with EGLD, NFTs or facilities based on their activity in our community.

Passive Income

Passive Income

We want to be seen as a long-term investment. Therefore, we will create LKMEX & EGLD staking pools that will redistribute the dividends weekly to our holders.

Royalty Distribution

Royalty Distribution

We are aware that our community is the engine of our project. Therefore, to show them our appreciation, we will give away 60% of the funds coming from royalties.

LIS Token

LIS Token

The LostInSpace Token will back LostInSpace NFTs. Both of them will be used for access to our future tools. In addition, NFT holders will participate in the private-sale phase and have a boosted APR on our future staking/farming DApp.

P2E Game

P2E Game

Early access to our P2E 2D game, boosted XP and free power-ups for LostInSpace NFTs holders.

Passive Income: Method #1

Staking Pools For LKMEX

As LKMEX pools have the biggest APR, we will use them to generate over +100% (the pool’s APR value on 19 Feb 2022) more funds for our reward pools which will be redistributed periodically.

Passive Income: Method #2

Earn Dividends

For every target that we will reach, we will redistribute 120,000+ worth of EGLD to our holders in the following way:
1,000 NFTs sold = $20,000 to be redistributed;
5,000 NFTs sold = $40,000 to be redistributed;
10,000 NFTs sold = $60,000 to be redistributed.

Passive Income: Method #3

Receive Trading Fees

As you know, every NFT collection generates money from minting and their daily volumes. A big part of those fees (60%) will be given to our holders.

Passive Income: Method #4

Continual Improvement

As our Elrond-based ecosystem will continue to bring DApps and value to the table, we will generate many sources of income for our holders. More details are coming soon.

― Q1 2022

Prepare the battle plan

Create the team; Build the marketing plan; Build the business plan; Run the communication channels; Reveal the website; Host giveaways and competitions for whitelist; Announce the date for private-sale;

― Q2 2022

Fuel the rocket

Launch the whitepaper; Host the private sale; Influencer marketing; PR push; Reveal the date of the first drop; The first earnings redistribution; Start the development phase for DApps, LIS Token and our P2E game;

― Q3 2022

Start the infinite journey

Alpha and beta testing for our DApps and P2E game; Continue the earnings redistribution; Launch the LIS token; Marketing push for our DApps and P2E game; More details coming soon.


Round 1

50/200 whitelist spots to be given away

We just started our first competition for 50 whitelist spots. Click here for more details


Round 2

150/200 whitelist spots to be given away

The 2nd competition for the next 100 whitelist spots just started. Coming Soon…


Round 3

Last 50 whitelist spots to be given away

Last chance to get your whitelist spot for our private-sale. Coming Soon…

Stage: Documentation Phase

A list of future LostInSpace Dapps and projects

LostInSpace Token

LostInSpace Token will be deployed on Elrond network and will have the following main features: EGLD rewards to holders & automatic liquidity generation.

Staking & Farming

Allow the holders of LostInSpace Token to stake their tokens/farm liquidity tokens and earn passive income using our future DApp on Elrond Network.

Liquidity/Dev Wallet Locker

Token developers from Elrond network will have the possibility to lock their assets using the LIS Locker in order to gain more trust among holders.

Elrond Launchpad

LIS launchpad will allow start-ups that are willing to build on Elrond network to host crowd-funding campaigns. Every project will need to be vetted.


Frequently Asked


The Lost In Space team is here to guide you. Here are your most frequently asked questions.

● It’s a collection of unique astronauts made for the Elrond Community.
● This collection will give us a chance to give back to the community and help each holder be part of something great.

● A total of 10.000 unique Astronaut NFT’s will be created.

● There will be a number of 200 whitelist spots open for grabs. Each one of you will have a fair chance to get on the whitelist. Most involved and active users will be granted access on the list, also we will host challenges and the winners will get on the whitelist, so be sure to check our Twitter and Discord for updates.
● Whitelist users will have a chance at a private pre-sale at special prices.

● We have not decided on a date yet, but it will be announced soon

● Private pre-sale: TBA
● Public pre-sale: TBA
● Public sale: TBA

● Yes, there will be 10% royalties, where 60% of them will go to the community wallet and 40% to developing useful dApps for the Elrond Ecosystem.

● Our goal is to create a community driven project that will generate long term revenue for holders and contribute to the evolution of the Elrond Ecosystem. The “Board of Investors” will make sure that the community voice is heard and every suggestion will be carefully analyzed.

We use cookies to provide the best web experience possible .